Wildlife artist, Sylvia Dumais, was born in a small town in Ontario, surrounded by a close network of relatives and friends. She came from a big family that loved music and camping at the log house built by her dad. She loved exploring the surroundings , collecting leaves and enjoying the view from the tree house.

Initially she always loved color , creating, and designing. She  therefore became a hairstylist in the 80’s. Later on in the 90’s became interested in art and started doodling and painting, reading books, watching art videos, becoming a self-taught artist. She took a decorative art course in college and some drawing classes to improve her style, then was interested mainly in acrylic paints but does do some oil paintings. Her favorite subjects are  wild life, and birds, but loves the challenge to paint whatever inspires her.

“Now living in Alberta, since 2002, I love to go for long drives with my husband and visit the mountains and country side, looking at beautiful sceneries, colors and how majestic the mountains are. I never leave home without my camera as you never know what will inspire you.”

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